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CTC, orthodox

Hostea Roasted Tea

Roasted Black Tea – A hand-picked & hand-crafted blend of special roasted orthodox Tea leaves and CTC grains which gives lively and a delicate ‘muscatel’ flavor and a soothing, smoky taste from the first sip with a lingering aftertaste. With some milk and sugar, this makes the ideal cup of indulgence which will wake up your sixth sense.

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Hostea Roasted Black Tea

Tea specs

Tasting notes


A mix of Blackish-brown Tea leaves and Dark chocolaty coloured granular nuggets which exhibits excellent bloom with mild nutty and high-fired notes of burnt wood.


Reddish-brown without milk

Reddish-yellow golden cup with milk


The liquor is full-bodied, brisk and brims with lively cup with pronounced notes of burnt wood and a suave smokiness enveloping the palate completely from the first sip A subtle strong flavor which prevails till the finish with lingering aftertaste.

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