How we started

Our love and passion for tea is the foundation for our success. we carefully select our teas, creates new blend, and cultivate intensive relationship with preferred producers and packing companies. Our experts evaluate AssamCup blends not just according to the gardens and regions where the tea grows but also according to the tea’s aroma, color, look, and taste. Tasting and testing of all ingredients as well as the blending is a highly comprehensive process which is controlled intensely.

AsamCup statement

We thrive in making fine teas that enrich the taste&soul.


Our Timeline


Registered in GTAC (Guwahati Tea Auction Center)

In 1993, we registered ourselves in GTAC (Guwahati Tea Auction Center) as Baruah Tea Trading and started this journey.



Baruah Tea

'Baruah Tea' is the first blend of tea we made for our clients. This was packed in 35 to 40 KG jute bags.



Introduced La Jawab Chai

La Jawab Chai is the first retail packaging from us. This brand is successful mostly in Gujarat and in the North. Now this blend is available for all in our portal.



Introduced Namsai Tea

Namsai Tea is established in 2005. This name is derived from a place in Arunachal Pradesh which is a landmark for North East India. Namsai Tea is known for its strong and rich flavor.



Introduced AssamCup online shop

And here is AssamCup. We serve the very best of our teas here.