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A New Generation of Teamakers

Welcome to AssamCup! These days there are so many tea brands and tea flavors coming up everyday, it seems Assam tea’s product identity is being surpassed by the vendors brand identity. Here, I will try my best to refine and express the intricate aspects of Assam Tea and bring it to your every day cup, no matter where  you are located . I would like to bring your focus back on  Tea, especially Assam Tea.

With AssamCup we have created a different Tea Experience, where our customers won’t just simply enjoy buying a decent cup of tea. We wish to take them on a sensorial journey, in refining the taste of Assam Tea from a welcome drink, to the best local food pairing. We are planning to open kiosks all across India where we want to make the quintessential Assam Tea experience of Afternoon Tea and Evening Tea as memorable as possible for all of our customers.

Here I would like to tell our happy tea drinkers, where the tea they are drinking comes from and how it is made. Why we pair it with specific food, based on the art of food pairing with tea.

Are you looking for something even more special? Pick a tea from our store and get the conversation started with the AssamCup Experience!


New release

AssamCup Hostea

Served hot our authentically made Hostea is a refreshingly delicate dry tea with hints of malty flavor and a good after taste.

Speak to a customer care specialist at:
IND 940 173 1853.

Current release

We thrive in making fine teas that enrich the taste&soul.




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The La Jawab Chai

  • Dark chocolaty colored
  • dry floral aroma
  • excellent bloom
  • Reddish-brown without milk
  • Reddish-yellow golden cup with milk


The Namsai Tea

  • Blackish-brown Leaf Tea
  • Excellent bloom
  • Dry floral aroma
  • Reddish without milk
  • Orange reddish cup with milk



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Tasting & Tours

Come join us for a tea tasting! You will have the opportunity to taste and learn about Assam tea while having the best cup available with us!

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