The La Jawab Chai

  • Dark chocolaty colored
  • Granular nuggets
  • Dry floral aroma
  • Excellent bloom
  • Reddish-brown without milk
  • Reddish-yellow golden cup with milk
Namsai Tea


The Namsai Tea

  • Blackish-brown Leaf Tea
  • Excellent bloom
  • Dry floral aroma
  • Reddish without milk
  • Orange reddish cup with milk

Our Pledge

We thrive in making fine teas that enrich the taste&soul.

Yuvraj Baruah

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A New Generation of Teamakers

Welcome to AssamCup!

Wondering which tea to use to brighten up your day? There are so many choices these days it is a minefield! Tastes, smells, textures, the list is endless. Today we are here to help you join in our vision of ensuring everyone has a top quality tea that does wonders for their palette and ultimately helps them to have a successful day.We not only love our customers to enjoy tea independently but provide advice on what foods to mix with your tea to get the best sensory experience.

So, no matter where you are located we would like you to be able to join in the growing community that is benefiting from the experience that is Assam Tea!
Wondering how much caffeine is in your cup? Curious of the health benefits of tea? Considering what is the best way to make the perfect cup of tea? Join our AssamCup community and get all the answers. Allow us to advise you on how to make good culinary choices on a day to day basis to partner with your most perfect cup of tea! We will soon be opening kiosks across all of India where we strive to make the quintessential Assam Tea experience of Afternoon Tea and Evening Tea as memorable as possible for all of our valued customers.

Thank you for visiting our site where we can share with you our story. Learn where your tea comes from and how it is made and why we recommend pairing it with certain food choices to give you a complete sensory experience.
Are you looking for something even more special? Pick a tea from our store and get the conversation started with the AssamCup Experience!

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