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Hostea Natural Green Tea

Hostea Natural Green Tea – A hand-picked pan roasted tea leaves which when brewed gives a clean and brisk cup that takes on the soft sweetness of legumes at first sip followed by fresh note of mildly roasted floral flavor that will leaves you feeling light and refreshed throughout the day.

300.00 100g


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Natural Green Tea

Tea specs

Tasting notes


Long, wiry, well-rolled blackish-green leaves with some silver tips. Predominantly vegetal along with light notes of wood


Bright green with light yellow tone


The tea is largely smooth tipped with soft notes of legumes greeting the palate from the very first sip. Gradually, notes of fresh light roasted floral flavors which prevails till the finish and come through in the aftertaste, adding to the charm of having a classic natural green Hostea.

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