Hostea Green Tea

A hand-picked pan fried tea leaf blend which gives lively mellow cup with sweet and fresh notes and a mildly roasted floral flavor. The aftertaste will keep you fresh and rejuvenated. This is the best cup for morning wake up or stress-free goodnight

160.00 100g

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 26 cm


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Hostea Green Tea

Tea specs

Tasting notes


Long and medium wiry, well-rolled blackish-green leaves with some tips. Predominantly vegetal along with light notes of wood


Green with light yellow tone


The tea is largely smooth tipped with delicate vegetal-floral flavors. A subtle honeyed sweetness along with mild The tea is largely smooth, brisk and tipped with delicate vegetal-floral flavors which prevails till the finish and come through in the aftertaste, adding to the charm of having a classic natural green tea.

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