Hostea Dust

A hand-crafted blend & hand-picked from Upper Assam CTC Dust Tea grains which gives lively and brisk cup and from North Bank of Brahmaputra which with classic maltiness mingled with sweet notes and floral flavor. The aftertaste will keep you fresh and you can enjoy a classic Assam cup any time of the day.

115.00 250g

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 26 cm


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Tea specs

Tasting notes


Dark chocolaty colored which exhibits excellent bloom with mild nutty and dry floral aroma.


Reddish-yellow Golden with milk


The liquor is full-bodied, brisk and brims with robust notes of malt right from the start. A subtle honeyed sweetness along with mild floral flavour which prevails till the finish and come through in the aftertaste, adding to the charm of having a classic Assam CTC Dust

Hostea Dust
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